Thursday, August 17, 2006

random stuff

I sit here typing away..hoping my computer doesn't catch fire!!!! Yes I have one of the faulty batteries!! Actually nothing can happen if the battery is no longer in the computer!! And we will wait the 20 working days until the new one arrives.

Hubby has just informed me that our Credit cards have been cancelled. the bank has informed him that the magnetic strip has been copied and someone could use it...he is in Malaysia and apparently it is known for credit card fraud. So I will be 5 days without a credit card....i think I will live!!

The above picture is my space...Obviously I like to cram as much as I can into my sewing space!! Actually I was dared to show a picture of my messy space!!!

I think I will blame the mess on the whole single mum/Uni assignments thing!

Any advice on what to do with one of our pet rabbits that has a real dislike for daughter No.2. He bit her really hard through her trousers today...for no reason!!! She had only just walked into their pen.


Miss Dot said...

hmm bunny problem? can I suggest stew? kidding, not really, hmmm I don't know how you would train a rabbit out of that. Maybe she just has to stay away from that one, I have that with my cat, he doesn't love anyone. Pretty neat craft room BTW.

Tanya said...

I was just about to suggest stew as well. Or a shot of myxomatosis. Did you know that the song "bright eyes" was about that (myxo)? I just learnt that today. I'm rambling now. Maybe she should just try to be bold and if he comes for her, kick him before he gets to her. He might learn just to stay away from her. Not that I'm advocating violence or anything....

Calidore said...

Well I was going to suggest a hot oven with some nice stuffing, but maybe not. Sorry no help from me I'm afraid but it is so nice to see your sewing room.

Suse said...

'Bright Eyes' was the theme song for the film version of Watership Down! I'll never listen to it again in quite the same way now.

No tips I'm afraid. Unless you count getting a greyhound. Unfortunately that dealt with our rabbit pretty quickly.

Surfing Free said...

I had a friend with an angry bunny when I was young. The bunny HATED me and it used to kick me rather harshly with its back legs, leaving bleeding scratches behind. I spent a lot of time 'dominating' it - picking it up by its scruff, holding it down with my hand, etc and eventually it came to realise I was not to be messed with. But bad bunnies are hard to change ... is it a boy???

Your sewing room looks like my home office ... umm, lived in and well used ;)