Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Today's Observations

One of my favourite things is to sit at an outdoor Cafe, sip a Latte and people watch!! Failing spare time and a Cafe I still like to observe people!!
Today when I was leaving Uni I followed a young girl who had tiny little feet in black ballet style shoes. Her shape then drastically went triangular resulting in large thighs and a large bottom. That is fine!! What is NOT fine is to wear a mini (micro micro micro mini)skirt where one of your bottom cheeks peaks out as you walk!! What was she thinking, did any of her friends not say anything??? Did she not think that at a University full of stairs, someone would be walking up the stairs behind her.....LIKE me!!!! G-string or no g-string it made not the slightest difference!!!
I then went to a local supermarket to do some grocery shopping. Here I observed a woman who was a couple of years above me at High school. I don't know her name but I remember her face - i do have a good memory for faces!! What probably helped jog my memory, was her hairstyle was STILL the same. Now we were at high school in the 80's and I too confess to peroxiding my hair until it was various shades of orange and yellow, none of them nice shades and using a curling iron to give my hair that real flicked look and then drenching it in hairspray so that it wouldn't move!!! Many of you remember those styles...please tell me you don't wear it like that ANYMORE....unless you are off to an 80's party!!!
Then there was the lovely young boy/man who was working at the checkout. He held up my perfect garlic bulb and asked "Is this a white onion?" - "No that is garlic" I said. He struggled for a while with my three limes on the scales until I said "they are not by the kilo" "Oh Thanks" he said. He then held up my very big bulb of Fennel and said "Is this a white onion?" "no that is Fennel" "Oh they all look the same to me" he said. OK the fennel can be excused...but the garlic...I think not!!


Michelle said...

hehehehehe....couldnt start laughing when i read about the garlic and onion. guess they never really help out in the kitchen!! as for the cheek bums...it's a no no for me too. plunging necklines too!! ugh!! what are these ppl really thinking?

Tanya said...

What makes me angry about such badly dressed people is THEIR FRIENDS. I would never let a friend think that wearing something like that was a good move. Unless, of course, they feel good in it. In which case, more power to them.

And the groceries - I once came across a sales assistant (check out chick) who had never heard of a leek. No, I suppose they don't sell them at McDonalds, do they....

Kali said...

I am a people watcher too...Just when I think I've seen it all...nope, someone will prove me wrong.

It sounds like an interesting day...thanks for the perspective, I enjoyed it.

jellyhead said...

How funny - all of it!

I see people in very tiny shorts/skirts, but they always sem to be the ones who look great in what they're wearing.

My personal UN-favourite is the low tight hipster pants on chubby girls, which gives what I've heard called the 'muffin' effect (bulge above the top of the pants). That is NOT a good look.

Still, a big girl in a G-string and tiny skirt sounds much, much worse!

Surfing Free said...

People watching is the best fun - it can make you feel all superior and fabulous, or old and ugly if you live in Sydney.

I am always amazed by the lack of fruit and vegetable knowledge amongst check-out people as well. Probably because they never eat the stuff!

My float said...

oh dear ... the image of the cheeks really put me off my breakfast!

i can't believe some of the supermarket staff. it's not like they stock every vegetable/fruit/herb known to mankind!! THEN i could understand them being confused.

weirdbunny said...

Oh my goodness, look how fast he's going down the slide!