Monday, October 30, 2006

Freezing sea air.

How wonderful some brisk fresh sea air is for the soul! And brisk it was....cold even, no make that freezing....the wind and water. Though gloriously sunny, the kids felt a bit cheated that the water should be so cold! I marveled at my husband being the brave Papi he is dragging kids on the boogie board through the water as I sat all rugged up on the warm sand. That trip to the beach lasted 30 minutes and then it was back for hot baths!! That afternoon rugged up and discovered some new beaches to us and found a great one for collecting stones and shells and lots of rockpools - well not collecting the rock pools but discovering what was lurking in them!

Back home and Marcel flew off to Malaysia for another two week stint. I rang him when he was at Sydney airport to ask if he had his car keys with him (why he would need them I do not know!) "Yes" he replied "where are yours?". "In my bag which is locked in the car!!!" He had locked the car with his keys!!! Mr NRMA was quick and efficient and no charge!

Later that afternoon Luca came inside to tell me that Shay was giving the rabbit a bath! That would be the rabbit with the yukky bum! I thought she would have been bathing him in the washing bowl we have used before - no this was a much better idea! I told her to be careful as he might drown. "No he wont" as she let him go and we were all amazed at how he stayed a float not moving! Of course the water was cold and she spent two hours cuddling him back to warmth!

Sometimes I think I am being a kind Mum when my kids fall asleep in the evening watching tv and I do not wake them and carry them carefully to their beds and tuck them in with a kiss goodnight! Not anymore for you Mr Luca!!! You were not being a kind son at 1.00am this morning yelling from the bathroom for me. I stumbled in there thinking what kind of accident has happened - none! He passes me his toothbrush and says sweetly "Help me clean my teeth!".


jellyhead said...

I love coming to your blog to hear what adventures your kids have been up to! The rabbit story is very funny. Luca's middle-of-the-night toothbrushing made me grin, too!

Hope your week is going well, and that you're not pining for Marcel too badly,

XO Jelly

Michael Manning said...


Surfing Free said...

I actually love the beach when its cold, but not for swimming in!
The weather in Sydney has been crazy lately - winter pj's one night then summer pj's and no blanket the next.
And midnight tooth brushing is too funny!

kath red said...

Hi Shelly,
Just catching up on your latest news. And the beach - it does look cold but also so fresh and wonderful too. I love the sea breeze and the cold ocean spray. Anyway we are finally heading to the beach this weekend too - camping - we can't wait.

Wendy A said...

That is so cute. I think that rabbit looks so loved. Adorable.

Wendy A said...

My worst nightmare...ruining my kids fond childhood memories like the tooth fairy. Too funny. You can still redeam yourself if you remeber to be santa on the right night.
I looovvvve the smell of rain on warm cement too. One of my favorites. Remindes me of childhood summers.