Thursday, November 02, 2006

Favourite Smell.

It has been such a long time since I smelt my favourite smell - rain on hot cement!! I LOVE the smell - to me it is a smell that has a wonderful gritty taste to it! Weird I know!!!! But it doesn't happen very much and after a warm overcast morning the heavens opened up and we had a downpour and there is now more this evening - please keep raining for the whole week!!!

Another episode in the "I am a really crap mother" continuing saga!!! Zoe has lost about 6 teeth now! Well Zoe has wanted to keep all her teeth up until now! She is not fazed about money and would rather keep her teeth!! Well Sunday night she decides she wants to see what the Tooth Fairy will pay for her latest tooth. I make a note to myself to get my act together and not forget!!

Monday morning Zoe walks into the kitchen

Zoe - "Oh Mum the Tooth Fairy didn't come!"
Me - "Oh darling, I think the Tooth Fairy doesn't work on Sunday nights. She has to have one night off"

Tuesday morning.
Zoe - "Oh Mum, the Tooth Fairy forgot again!"
Me- "Oh Darling, maybe she had too many teeth to carry as she had a back log from yesterday. I am SURE she will come tonight"

At about 1am I am fumbling around the house looking for $2. Where are my husbands trousers full of change when you really need them. I turned off the hall light to make sure Zoe doesn't wake up and I quickly exchange money for wtooth.

Wednesday morning.
Zoe - "Oh Mum, the Tooth Fairy took the wrong tooth!"
Me - "You have got to be kidding!!! When did you put the other tooth in there?"
Zoe - "Yesterday. I wanted her to take the right one."
Me - "Well the light was really bad last night!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


jellyhead said...

I feel much better to know that there are other mothers out there who do this sort of thing!!

Laura put her most recent lost tooth in a cup with water. I then fed some of this water to our friend's one-year-old - EWWWW! (after setting down the cup I was feeding the baby from, then accidentally picking up the wrong cup!)

Later, as I cleaned up the kitchen, I unintentionally threw Laura's tooth down the sink with the water. I had to write a note to the tooth fairy to explain and apologise.

I'm thinking of starting a Bad Mothers Club, wanna join?!

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

My dh and I have twice been caught this way with our eldest - we;ve done a kind of smoke and mirrors thing: one takes her out the back to look for her $ in the garden, the other quickly writes a Tooth Fairy note and tucks it with the money into the mail box. I have no idea how we are going to keep track when the twins start losing their teeth in a couple of years!!

I like the idea of a Bad Mothers Club. There's a website of that name from the UK that has some very funny stuff.

I am so glad you visited my blog. I've really enjoyed reading your posts here and will be back again - I love your header image of shells and beans!

nutmeg said...

Shelly, thanks for visiting me this morning.

I was going to add a comment to my post yesterday (but it was too long already) about how I missed the rain; particularly the smell! Great minds think alike :-)

My first girl is approaching five and I suppose the tooth fairy will have to wend its way to our house some time soon. Don't worry, I'm sure all the post-it notes in the world won't help me to remember. I think I'm already a member of "The Bad Mother's Club". I'm going to check out that site Bec has mentioned!

Calidore said...

I'm so pleased it isn't only this household the tooth fairy forgets to visit - sometimes for days at a T.F. didn't forget for the eldest or the youngest, just the middle child. Fortunatley she is fairly easy going and so long as money turns up in the end she is happy.

slap me happy said...

LMBO your as bad as me, I had to slip hy hand under the pillow as i gave her a kiss goodmorning and slip the money under lol never got caught yet thank the lord

Lazy cow said...

Ha ha. I was also fumbling around at 1am looking for a damn $1 coin (we're cheap around here). Finally had to raid the daughter's piggy bank.

Kerri said...

This is the stuff of memories. I'm chuckling my head off reading your posts. You're a wonderful mother Shelly :) and so is Jelly :)