Thursday, October 26, 2006

I feel taller!!!

I really feel taller!! It is thanks to the weight on my shoulders being lifted due to assignments and essays. The last was submitted yesterday and I feel great!! Oh I do have a Maths exam in two weeks which I will need to study for but the pressure of everything else has been lifted!!! No more Uni until the end of February -yippee!! I feel energy to clean up, sort out and throw out - again!!! My In-Laws are arriving in two weeks for two months and it means some rearranging and storing away of lots of things!! Mainly my sewing stuff and I am quite excited to get it out of the way and I will be able to focus on my outdoor projects! Like finishing the mosaic wall!! My father-in-law likes to keep busy so I will have him helping me quite a bit. Some of you might be wondering, in-laws/2 months- oh no!!! But really mine are great! Although it will be a bit of a squash in our little home, we have coped with a 7 week visit before and all stayed sane and happy!! Even I did!! There was only once I wanted some space to myself and the only place was the bath!! But it will be fine.


Today, my darling husband is turning 40 something!! He is away in Sydney today but will fly home as soon as he can for a feast of Mud Cake, Lime Cake and this meaty quichey thing I make that seems to be everyone's favourite at the moment!! Oh and lots of drinks of course!!!!! Happy Birthday Marcel....we love you so much!

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h&b said...

Oh so sweet !

( and on the inlaws ? You have my respect ! )