Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A meme.

A Meme that I saw on Peasoup and I thought I would participate in.

Target or Kmart?
I am not fussy. Though have managed to find some good bargains at K-Mart like 2 pairs of jeans for $6 for me!!!

Beef burger or chicken burger?

Faux or Fur?
Neither!! Though I did own a mink coat!! I will post about it soon!!

Out of a can or out of a bottle?
Does Champagne come in a can?!!

Hotel or tent?
Tent by the beach in nice weather with not many other campers around otherwise a hotel!!

Coles or BiLo?
Coles - no idea where there is a BiLo near me.

Pasta or Pizza?
I make the pasta and someone else can make the Pizza!

Thongs or sandals?
Either, if they are shoes I'll buy them!!!

Backyard pool or beach?
Beach as my day!!

Souvenirs or photos?

BBQ or foodcourt?
Barbecue- there never seems to be wine at a I hate them anyway!!

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Hair product or no hair product?

Products of some kind.

Cats or dogs?

Organised tour or do it yourself?
I would have to say DIY - though I did meet my husband on a semi organised backpackers bus!!! Later we went on an organised trolley tour in San Diego and laughed so much at the "safety instruction" after every stop, we have NEVER been on one since!!!

Home cooked or home delivered?
I do like cooking but if the choice for home delivered at the same price as home cooked - have it here at 6pm please!!

Coffee or tea?!! Though I am partial to a cup of Chai!

The strength of an ox or the strength of a mule?
Aren't they both really really strong? Me - well i can't even swing on the monkey bars anymore so I am really weak - will work on that when I join that Gym!!

Love or lust?
Love.....leads to lust anyway!

Thought or action?
Bit of both really!!

Participate if you will - it isn't a hard one!

Have a great day!


Hulai said...

These things are so fun to get to know the inner workings of people! I really like your blog!

Surfing Free said...

'Beach as the backyard' - very good answer!
I don't think I have ever been into a Kmart, but everyone seems to be choosing them over Target so I'll have to find my local I think.

slap me happy said...

gotta love Kmart and would love the beach as my backyard lol but have to settle for the bush at the moment
: )

Suse said...

Two pairs of jeans for $6! Wow, you did good.