Monday, October 16, 2006

More Realisations!

I could have titled this post more things I have learned. However last post and this post are all things I really already KNEW!!!

**I realised (too late) that when you sew a piece of fabric into the middle of a tablecloth you should wash the said faric FIRST!! It is now a tablecloth with a ruched (sp?) middle!!

**That will be two tablecloths as I made another one and I can't be arsed unpicking it all!!

**I realised that you don't move the buttons on a new pair of trousers BEFORE you wash them!!!

**I realised that I shouldn't try to be a nice Mum and ask the kids if they want Lasagne or Meat they are going to agree!! Then one or two are grumpy because you cooked the other. So I cooked both!

**I realised that school starts today and it is going to be one chaotic morning!!

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slap me happy said...

I hope your day got a bit more peacefull, I have to go pick mine up late todays for they havve dance till 4.30 thank you God, time to cook dinner before they get home. Korma and Rice tonight...hmm