Sunday, October 15, 2006

...some realisations!

Firstly, those sandals!! I didn't like them when I bought them either. It was a case of right size, on sale and they would FIT my daughter. Poor hing has been blessed with her fathers feet and will have a lifetime of shoe issues!!! Unless Crocs stay in fashion forever!!!!

....some things I have recently realised.

**It has taken me over 36 years to realise I can no longer eat everything I want and stay the same weight.

**I have realised I am going to have to join a gym!!

**Hubby and I realised that if you don't stain a deck, you built nearly 3 years ago, you are going to need 3 times as much stain!

**I realised that a whole class of stressed University students can 'make' the lecturer give everyone a weeks extension on a crappy essay.

**I have realised that a house extension isn't going to mean I will have a cleaner home. I need to get rid of the crap!! I have been.

**I have realised that it is not only small children who wake up at 5.00am at the moment - I am too!!! Hurry up Daylight Saving!!!


Tanya said...

So, is that blessed with Dad's feet, or cursed? Poor thing. When you move to Brisbane (coz we all should migrate to somewhere around there eventually) she can wear thongs all year round.

shellyC said...

...that would be "cursed" withher Dad's feet. Thongs don't fit either...really!!

slap me happy said...

love the crocs they don't look that bad, may go get myself a pair lol, love the one liners too made me giggle

jellyhead said...

Shelly, don't despair, almost NO ONE can eat whatever they want once they're 36!!

I'm also waking up before my kids lately... it's annoying! Sleep is my refuge and the damn sun is stealing it from me!

Loved your very amusing point-form post :)

h&b said...

Ditto to all, ditto to all .. ;)