Thursday, November 30, 2006


**Do people who live at the coast really really appreciate it?

**Do they get renewed energy from visiting crowded cities?

**At what age do kids stop playing in the sand?

**Do adults only wait until they have their own kids to resume such a fun past time?

**Do shivering kids in very cold water ever think about getting warm?

Had a great time at the coast. In-laws loved it too and there is loads of video for the kids to watch over and over.


Kali said...

Glad to hear you guys enjoyed your break...sounds lovely.
BTW ~ I hope your blood pressure is back to normalish.

jellyhead said...

I have a question, too.....

Do all Shellys have such a wonderful positivity and zest for life????

Just wondering.

Glad you had fun at the beach :)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I think kids stop briefly in their teens and get right back to sand play as soon as they become parents.

I know I did!

We've lived as close as 100 m from the beach and I can promise you we appreciated it and swam for a good 10 months of the year. Now we're a five minute drive from the beach we're more fussy about the weather etc. Good question...