Thursday, November 23, 2006


So I went to the Doctor last Friday and had my BP checked. He said it was OK but a bit "eratic" and I should go walking everyday for about half an hour and come back in a week and if th ings are OK then he will write me a letter so I can go to the Gym!!! So as per Doctors orders I have been doing a brisk 40 minute (30 mins wouldn't get me home!) walk each day! Now that I am in this routine I don't really need the Gym anymore!!!! Though if things are OK tomorrow then I will start going. Though my new walking routine has not been boring - Monday I hadn't walked too far when I saw a cyclist get off her bike and go and pick up a screeching and obviously injured Galah off the road. Neither of us had phones with us so I told her to put the bird to the side and I would walk back home and drive back to pick it up. I didn't take the shortcut home as I still wanted some excercise. Anyway I rang the Injured Wildlife people (at 7am!!) and asked "Do you save Galahs too?" "Of Course!" she replied indicating she would save Ants too! I apologised for calling so early and she said she had been awake for ages but was standing stark naked!!! Anyway just as Marcel and I drove up to the bird there was a cat waiting very close by. We brought the Galah home as we were told to take it to the local vet and they would ring the Injured Wildlife people. The kids were wolen by the screeching bird who didn't want any water or crackers from any of us. We took him to the vet and hope they did what was best.

Other stuff:
**In less than a week we have gone from Snow to 33 degrees!!!!

**I could have worn my new boots on the day it snowed however I had sent all my winter stuff to Mums to make space for the relatives!!

**That Maths exam I had the other week (remember I am no mathematician) well i got 92 out of 100!!! Of course I am proud of myself!!!

**Some friends are going camping this weekend near a river and asked us to go. It sounded fabulous - then I said "I really cannot be bothered packing and organising camping stuff etc for 7 people for 2 nights" so we are not going.

**So I booked two nights accomodation in a unit that has everything at the beach!!!

**I will post some pictures!!

**I think I will go and have a glass of red wine......


Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Busy! Busy! Busy!

I think I'll join you in that glass of red...

jellyhead said...

You're such a dynamo Shelly - walking daily, saving birds, aceing your maths exam (YAY!)and now taking your family and relatives to the beach!

Hope you have a fabulous 2 days!

Surfing Free said...

Well done on the walking - I love walking and wish I had more time to do it. Yeah, ditch the expensive gym and just let your feet carry you into gorgeousness :)

h&b said...

walking .. gym .. galah .. cat ...

red wine !

oh, hellllllooooOOooOoo ;)

( Serioulsy though, I love walking, smelling the roses etc ... only exercise I actually do OR enjoy ! )

nutmeg said...

I'm with you about the packing up stuff for 7 people for two days camping; sorry, way too hard. The beach sounds like a perfect way to go :-)