Wednesday, November 08, 2006

They have escaped!!!

Rabbie (formerly Rosie but no sex change was involved) and Fidgit have obviuosly decided to head for greener pastures!!! Pretty selfish I think. They have a huge hutch that we never lock them in and it is surrounded by a pretty large fenced run! There is plenty of space to dig and that have dug a complex rabbit warren under the hutch! Rather spoilt really - baths included! Somehow they got out and NO the gate was locked!!! So they have spent the day eating grass and God knows what other plants of mine! And I am convinced they have also taken it upon themselves to shag the little wild rabbit that has been living under the deck!!! We cannot get near the wild rabbit but I am sure our two boys have and I am convinced she IS a girl - chances are stacked that she is! Anyway the boys were pretty happy shagging each other so I don't know why they had to escape and have a threesome!!! Who knows what my backyard is going to look like soon. It is not the 'birds and the bees' in our garden, it is the 'horny rabbits'.


My float said...

How very rude those rabbits of yours are! And that poor little wild rabbit - who knows what trauma she's going through.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I LOVE this photo! With the big red ball and the free bunnies and the morning light it looks exactly like a scene from a Teletubbies show!!

(I bet the rabbits are all shagging each other under the Teletubbie flowers, too!)

Tanya said...

Before they contribute to the feral rabbit population, can you get them desexed? (This coming from someone who lives where pet rabbits are illegal because they are such huge pests).

In transit said...

tee hee.
Funny story. Little Buggers! Maybe the kids will get more rabbits for Xmas?

h&b said...

LOL ! - love it !!

Be sure to post pics when your yard is covered in furry beings ( I used to babysit for a little girl that owned a rabbit - it was a hilarious, very smart ( and soft, lovely, mm ) pet.

And Bec's right .. it does look like a Teletubbies scene.... :)

slap me happy said...

How rude of them, bloody rabbits, you just never know

Kerri said...

Well, they are rabbits......:)