Monday, December 04, 2006

Hat and Bag.

Most people search for a bag and possibly a hat to suit an outfit or dress. The other day while down at the coast we stumbled across a market at Narooma. while rumaging through a hat stall we found this hat and matching bag that just looked perfect on Shay and we bought it. I then had an idea to make her a plain white cotton dress to compliment the hat and purse. I even bought the fabric the other day and as usual it still remains in the bag. While shopping for goggles for the girls today we found this dress and I had to buy it - it is perfect!! And sorry but at $22 already made I cannot compete! The fabric cost me $14 and there needed to be a pattern and a zip etc. Of course I will use the fabric for something else!!

Zoe found a dress too that is gorgeous and perfect for the Tea Party she is going to on Saturday. Oh and we did come home with the goggles too.

....other stuff!!!
**Blood pressure update - all fine!!! So I am currently keen as a bean and going to the gym and enjoying it. Doing things like Pilates and Yoga!

**Hubby is back in Malaysia leaving me with his parents for three weeks.

**So wonderful to answer the phone on Sunday and hear 3 of my most gorgeous friends in Switzerland drunk and singing me a really bad version of Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Oh I miss them!!!

**Am slowly starting to think about Christmas...mainly food related!


Alice said...

Gorgeous dresses - great buy, and I really do love that hat and bag. Also love your new blog colour - was that deliberate or a happy accident?

In transit said...

Very pretty, girls! Love the pink of your blog too.
Ahhhh. Christmas food.
Glad to hear health is all on track again.

jellyhead said...

Your girls look so fresh and pretty in their summer 'frocks' (as my grandparents used to say!).

I'm relieved to hear all is OK on the blood pressure front - yay!

And in response to your comment on my blog - I would love to meet you one day, too! I think you know where I live (shhhhhh, I'm still trying to hang on to my secret identity here!), so next time you head this way, let me know you're coming in the comments section, and we'll get in touch. If I come to your city, I'll most definitely let you know, too, and we'll see if we can have that long-awaited coffee! Or champagne, depending!

Surfing Free said...

Those dresses! Those girls!!! Gorgeous!
I am also thinking food related thoughts of Christmas and cannot wait to get my choppers around some plum pudding and custard. Yum!

Tanya said...

Love the outfits. And the new colour.

My float said...

Your girls look like little angels. Keep my son in mind for a potential SIL in about 20 years time! And you have dress-making skills? Wonderful. You can make my mother of the groom outfit!!

h&b said...

Oh my - your girls are such gorgeous *dolls*. Perfect dresses, perfect accessories.


And how happy do they look about it all ? :)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Love teh pink! How long have you had it? I'm sure I've visited this past week so it must be new!

Love the pics and the purchases - I so enjoy dressing both little boys AND girls, don't you?

Em said...

They are both gorgeous!

Shell said...

Oh, your girls are gorgeous! I love Shay's little outfit - very twee with the hat and purse! :)

Glad that the blood pressure is ok. Good health news is always a positive thing.

And go the new pink blog look - loving it!