Saturday, December 09, 2006


Thanks to all those who like my new choice of colour!! I wanted to go a bit brighter for Christmas and liked pink more than red!! I am not a real Girly girl but I do love pink!! Especially pink shoes!!

Off an on overnight jaunt to Young to pick cherries via Junee to see the train museum! Mum is coming along though her and Dad are driving their own car. I could seat 8 in my car but it would be a tight squeeze!! Dad has printed 18 (yes eighteen) pages of info for me so I/we don't get lost!!! I would be fine with a short list of towns I needed to go through but my Dad only means well.

Have been on a bit of a bag making frenzy!! Photos will follow as you will notice the above beach photos are two weeks late!! I made 19 in the past two days only to have my Mother-in-law buy 6!! Well I did tell her she could have them but she insisted on giving me some money! I only intend on doing one more Market (which is pretty hopeless anyway!) and hopefully in the New Year I WILL get on and set up an Etsy Shop!! I have to sell these bags somewhere!

Gave my Father-in-law the job of building a bit of a screen at the front of the house. As from the street, when our front door is open you can see right through to the backyard (small house remember). Anyway as always he is doing a grand job and is so particular - I had to tell the guys at the hardware shop to leave us awhile as my FILaw was going to go through all the bits of wood to find the perfect 10!!!

Mother-in-law has a nasty blue thumbnail! Father-in-law jammed it in the sliding car door!!! Something about blue fingers at the moment. Check out my future Sister-in-law. Pa (father-in-law) feels really bad and I told Berta (mother-in-law) to take advantage of it and go shopping! Pa said she could buy something small. I told him "small, gold and shiny might make things a bit better".

This coming Tuesday the kids are having a BBQ after their last game of Minkey Hockey. As you can image a group of Mums try to offer ideas as to how to make it run smoothly. I suggested that I buy all the stuff and then people can give me a bit of money that day! All agreed! One of the Mums since then on two occassions has told me she has 2 dozens sausages in her freezer! "Well that isn't going to be enough" I said so I will buy one lot. "OK" she agreed. The other day she bailed me up at school and says she would like to bring her own sausages, she wants to use them up before they go on holidays. Um OK, so you and your two kids are going to chow down and eat 24 sausages between you? weird! So I now need about 4 less sausages (according to my calculations)!!! Then I remember another child is gluten intolerant and ask her Mum where to get the sausages. She then says she will buy all the sausages! I don't mind but she insists!! OK. Two seconds later another Mum comes up and tells me "I have got sauce at home so I will bring that" - oh OK like she is the only one with a freaking bottle of sauce in her house!!! I am now left to buy bread!!!! Now do you think I need to allow for another 24 slices for the one with the 2 dozen sausages!!! F**k I was only wanting to make things easy!!!


Stomper Girl said...

Your Dad sounds like my FIL, I just laughed at the excess of instructions. Too much! I can never take in that much info when I'm navigating somewhere new! But cherry picking sounds like fun, just hope its not in 40 degree heat.
Good luck with the hockey party and all those terribly helpful Mums!
Thanks for visiting me :-)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

Ohh dear. This is partly why my kids are still deprived of team sports. I can't 'do' the group mum thing.

I know it's inevitable, I just keep delaying it...!

martha said...

Hey Shelly can't wait to see the bags! I missed talking to you the other night when all the girlies had had a few too baby insisted we head home early. We really miss you!

Alice said...

Good Heavens, was it really 18 pages? No wonder the paper is disappearing fast in this house.

Can I come to the hockey BBQ, please? I think I have two slices of tomato leftover from our trip ... ok, I'm just kidding.

Thanks for a great weekend, despite the lack of cherries to pick, but the bought ones are so yummy! Sorry, Shannon, don't think they'll last until February.

In transit said...

Giggling all the way through the last part of your post - thought BBQ's were supposed to be easy! Guess it is when all you have to do is get a loaf or two of bread!
As for the bags, well, save one or two for me - I've nearly worn the black one you gave me out - maybe something little and pink, or lime green? If there are any left! Much sympathy for the blue thumb at your house too. Who'd have thought such an insignificant limb as a finger or thumb could inflict so much pain?

nutmeg said...

That BBQ story! I'm just sitting here nodding my head. Sometimes it's hard to work out if people are "only trying to help" or if they are bloody control freaks and just can't leave well enough alone. If I was a part of your group I would have fronted up with my money and thanked you profusely for taking it in hand! Life's too short to take on so much of other people's stuff as well as your own!