Wednesday, December 13, 2006

petty bbq

Warning - this is just a petty post from one Mum who wants to complain about other Mums!! Please feel free to skip today and come back another day! Just an update on the dramas of the bbq!! Firstly that is it!! I am never offering to help again!! Yes I will become "That Mum that never offers to help" but I don't give a shit!!
I spent about $18 on bread and a small box of Chocolates for the coach. Mrs M bought 40 sausages. Mrs W brought two half full bottles of sauce from home. Mrs B brought her sausages from home for her family (see previous post). Also Mrs C brought some chicken sausages for her family as they don't eat regular ones. All a bit confusing!

Anyway all sausages were cooked except those from Family B as they decided they wouldn't cook theirs but would be happy to have the ones we had purchased!! Their "cracked pepper and lamb sausages" are heading back to the freezer??!! They did offer some money though to Mrs M. But really the award for "Tight Arse Mum of the Year" goes to Mrs W who brought the sauce. She quite happily chowed down on the chicken sausages brought by Mrs C for her family! She also packed up two more to take to her son at home and pocketed the $4 that one of the other Mums had given to her to pass on to those who had paid for things!! And of course when some people were paying a couple of dollars, she was there with her hands well away from her pockets!! What do you say to someone like that?? I am still $18 out of pocket although two loaves of bread were not eaten and I grabbed them before Mrs W snaffled them!!!


Alice said...

It's a wonder you don't have indigestion now. Sounds like none of them have ever been involved with team social events before - whereas I guess you grew up on them.

Next time, everyone takes their own!

nutmeg said...

No, I wouldn't miss reading your post for the world! It "nice" to know that these sorts of things go on elsewhere as well as in groups I'm a part of!

There's always an ungenerous sort in the group. It always dumbfounds me how these "sorts" get invited back. I think they join groups as it is harder to exclude them.

I don't think anyone will EVER see that $4 again! As to the sauce, it was probably close to or over the use by date (I think these sorts of things when confronted by such people!) As to refreezing the sausages - wouldn't that be a bad idea?

Leaves a bad taste in the mouth....literally :-(

jellyhead said...

oh man, there's nothing annoys me more than tight-arses. That woman who ate others' food, took some home (can you believe it?!) and pocketed others' money is incredible!!

I completely understand your annoyance.

Shell said...

Good Lord! Really and truly, just be thankful that you are nothing like them! I am astounded by the 'tightness' of some people. And don't you hate it when you go to some effort and nobody recognises it or says a simple 'thank you'. You may have lost $18, but you've got a generous spirit and that's worth more than anything. :)

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I hope that chicken sausage developed salmonella on the way home and left Mrs W cleaning up after her son for two days. Not that I wish the boy any harm, of course...

h&b said...

I would have grabbed the bread too.
What horrid cows these selfish, snarly, greedy, unnice women are.

A disgrace to the sisterhood !!!

slap me happy said...

lmbfao, man alive I have tears in my eyes now, wish I had been there lol. Steaming from the ears still????. I know what you mean with the ones who like to take all the credit and do bugger all to help out in the first place. Your the cool mum honey

So whens the next barbie, can I come this time , I have some spare sause in the fridge lol, Just kidding I'll bring the wine lol