Wednesday, December 13, 2006


This is one reason my Father-in-Law is allowed to stay for three months!!!! And fine quality Swiss workmanship it is too!!!


jellyhead said...

That looks great! You can send your f-in-law here next if you like!

By the way, I left a comment on your previous post too (empathising - I would be grumpy, too!)

Shell said...

Looks fantastic! My father in law is the same - totally handy. Last summer he and Ben (my partner) built our deck, which is Huge and covered, and this year I'm hoping he'll help Ben build a fence, hehehe.

But I love your screen - a great idea!

Alice said...

If I learn German in a hurry, do you think K. would spend a few months here constructing things?

slap me happy said...

Hey shellie, hope your having a great christmas break, leave the book lists till the new year lol. Take care and hope santa leaves you something cool.. you have been goog havn't you????

slap me happy said...

goog = good in blonde speak lol