Wednesday, December 20, 2006

How many days left?

The kids at the Junee Railway Museum the other day!

This is what a bush fire will do to the sky!! Not near us, just strong winds blew the effects!

Nearly christmas - and of course I am not organised!! Never am at this time, however at this time I always wish that I WAS!!! The remaining days have been allotted time that I can shop - sans kinder!! I am left with a few hours on Friday!! I do refuse to visit the shops on the 24th! If I haven't bought it by then - I didn't need it and those of you who I was buying it for, didn't know anyway!!
This is what my day is going to look is now 6.30am.
Get two kids ready for school. Have them wrap presents for teachers and write cards. Look after one extra boy for the day. Have said I will also look after two extra girls for a couple of hours. Make a bag for an order - I promised to have it done by today! Take Mother-in-law to a particular shop. Make numerous urgent calls to bank. Post letters. Wrap and deliver presents to Daycare. Pick up kids and take kids and Grandparents bowling for another childs birthday. Meet at park for evening Pizza! And none of that includes even thinking about tidying a very messy house!!Maybe it isn't that much really - it just feels very busy already.


Shell said...

No, I'd say that a very busy day! Eeek! And I thought mine was going to be hectic. Hehe. I hope you get some time for yourself in there as well. Just remember to breathe!

Alice said...

What are you going to do in your spare time?

nutmeg said...

No - that is my definition TIMES two of a busy day. How does this period get so crazy? Everyone ends up recovering from exhaustion on Christmas Day. Hope you get somewhere near "done" on that list - close enough is always good enough I say.

That photo of the red cloud sky is truly beautiful. Terrifying but beautiful. But sad knowing why and where it comes from.

Thankyou for visiting me this year Shelly and thankyou for your Christmas wishes. I too wish you and your family a safe and happy holidays. "Read" you early next year :-)