Thursday, December 21, 2006


This is what happens when you have two older sisters!! I can see that Luca (or Lucy as he was called this evening) will use this to his advantage when he wants to re-establish relationships with his sisters after doing something horrible to them!! Lately he has been "reshaping" Zoe's artwork with a pair of scissors! Or "aiming and peeing" on a toilet roll she had carefully coloured in!! In her anger Zoe kept saying "I want to sell him!". This produced a very quiet voice from around the corner- "please don't sell me". A few days later in an obvious attempt to make friends with his oldest sister, I overheard - "OK, Zoe you can sell me if you want to."

I survived yesterday and with everything checked off successfully. Throughout the day I looked after 4 extra kids!!! Not that I mind at all - it keeps mine happy. Bowling was a hit, especially with the Swiss Grandparents who had never bowled before.

These were the Christmas biscuits that were made with Grossi Berta!! All eaten and very delicious too!


Alice said...

It's inherited! Don't you remember dressing Russell up as a girl when he wasn't much older than Luca?

However, if you do decide to sell Luca, I know two sets of grandparents who will by vying to make the winning offer.

Oh what fun you have at your house ... lol

Anonymous said...

Agh...blogger is doing stuff in deutch I don´t understand!!! Lovely photo of ´Lucy´I remember wanting to sell my younger brothers too. Infact, when the youngest was born, I told mum to put him back, because I wanted a sister, so there!
We have arrived safelty in Austria and are going to have a white christmas - the snow is everywhere.
lots of love the Intransit mob xox

Zoe said...

LOL!!! I had to laugh over that!! We used to do the same thing to my brother . . . except the sad thing is that my brother (the older of the two) used to help me dress the younger one up!! LOL!! Merry Christmas.

Kerri said...

Oh yes, the grandparents would take him in an instant! But they might bring him back when he's worn them out :)
Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family Michelle!

Kali said...

Merry Christmas Michelle :)