Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Well after nearly 3 months my In-Laws have left to go back to Switzerland. Marcel is on the same flight to Malaysia with them as he has to go back to work there for another 17 days. So from a full house we are now 3 less. Goodbyes are so sad and I feel really quite low as the kids will really miss them. Especially Luca who doesn't understand why they have to go or where they are actually going. I will really miss them too and not just when I have to do my own washing and folding, unpack my dishwasher and all number of chores I have been spared during their stay. Now I think of all the things we still didn't do or eat during the time! Next time! Paa says he is too old to fly here again but he would have to be the fittest 70 year old I know so I am sure they will be back in a couple of years.

Now I had better get busy...


nutmeg said...

It's great to read of such a positive experience, and after such a long stay. My parents stay for a week and I'd be climbing the walls only for the fact that I've bitten off all my nails ha ha!

Em said...

I hate goodbyes too... I'm not much good at them which is ironic given I've spent so much of my life travelling and saying goodbye to people I've met on the way.

jellyhead said...

You know, the fact that you will genuinely miss your in-laws says a lot about you - how welcoming and tolerant and positive you must be. Because even the most saintly in-laws staying for *3 months*? - I'm sure I would be secretly glad to have the visitors gone!

Hope you're feeling better soon

:) Jelly

Alice said...

I'm off to buy some 'staying young' pills to send to Kurt and Berta as we definitely want to see them out here again.

BTW, Berta's sandals fit perfectly.

PS: I did have a longer comment written but Blogger chose to send me on a wild goose chase and lose the comment in the process. Grrrrr.