Monday, January 29, 2007


Everyone seems to be proclaiming 6 weird things about themselves so I thought I would too. Only 6, I am sure my family would have a few dozen!!! Anyway.....

1. When making toast I always bite a corner off when it is hot and buttered! Then I put something on it! Yes, even if I was making toast for you it might be missing a corner!! I just love that one bit of hot buttered toast!

2. I have a "Geographical" tongue!! It is just plain weird!! And sometoimes painful depending on what I have eaten!

3. Someone else thought it was weird to have teeny tiny little toenails! I too have the most nondescript toenails on my little toes. Really I should get a discount for pedicures!! I put nail polish on my actual toe to make it look like there is a nail there!

4. I have a phobia about eyes! Only when there is something wrong with them. Honestly you just have to mention the words "eye operation" and my eyes close so tightly and my face gets all tense!! When people talk about eye operations I really have to block my ears!!

5. I never peel potatoes!! Therefore I never ever make mashed potatoes which I really like!! I think I peeled too many as a kid! I like the skin on potatoes anyway so they always get cooked with the skin on!

6. I also have a weird thing about fish bones! Not too keen on the big ones that get stuck in your throat but even the tiny ones in anchovies!! I love anchovies but they have to be mashed up because of those tiny bones! Weird I know!!

This is the dessert that Marcel and the kids made. It is an Igloo made with sponge cake, frozen yogurt and merengue!! Made after watching Planet Cook on ABC!
Luca now has a red wall!! The kids got to help with the first coat! Luca thought the other wall needed to be red. Thankfully it came off with some baby wipes.

This is a quilt top that I put together! It is more lime green than the photo shows. It ended up quite "skewed" to one side however I managed to fix it!! I then made a red quilt top the next day. This is my idea of patch work as I am too impatient to make a very complicated one. For me it is all about the colours and fabrics not the designs etc. Not that I don't appreciate the work and effort of those who are more particular like my sister!


nutmeg said...

OK. You're going to have to explain the "geographical" tounge thing! Does it mean it is a spherical shape or does it only hurt after you've eaten particular nationalities food?

My eye thing is that I'm petrified if I have sight corection surgery that someting will go wrong and I'll be blind. How could I read my books then? So I will probaly never have it done and have to put up with contact lenses and glasses.

Remind me not to have breakfast at your place :-)

Stomper Girl said...

Oh I laughed when I saw your peeled too many potatoes as a kid. YES!! No wonder I think cooking is a bloody chore! Note to self, always let kids do fun stuff not drudge stuff when they help me cook in years to come. That was me with the miniature toenails btw. And I have toast procedures too but not as weird as yours ;-)

Aren't your painter kids gorgeous? Bet they had a blast doing that.

Zoe said...

Oh, I loved reading these things!!! I too am a toast biter . . . my sons hate it!

Okay, the picture of Marcel with the knife . . .hilarious!!! (umm, and kind of scary!! LOL!)

I love the quilt. I am so impressed.

jellyhead said...

You're right, you ARE weird! The toast thing is just freaky! (cute freaky, but freaky!)

However I have to confess to also possessing microscopic nails on my little toes.

That dessert looks great, and I think your husband sounds like such a cool dad, cooking with the kids.

Love the photos of your kids in their grundies, painting. Seriously CUTE!

The quilt is really pretty and eye-catching...I'll e-mail you my postal address ok ;-)