Sunday, January 21, 2007

School Days

This year it is 20 years since I finished Year 12!!! Not sure if there is a reunion happening - I certainly wont be organising one!! In the 20 years since I left school I have spent about 12 of them living overseas and returned to the same city 3 years ago and live not too far from where I went to school. As I am so good with names and faces (sometimes embarassingly good) it would seem that lots of people who went to the same school are also living in the same area. Recently I have seen a few different people at the shopping centre. The thing is I know exactly who these people are although none were really friends of mine even the guy I had kissed at a school disco!! So I pretend, like they are probably pretending that I have no idea who they are! I mean what are we going to discuss? "How are you? What have you been doing for the past 20 years?" while we fill our bags with vegetables in the produce section. While I am a nosey person (aren't all bloggers a bit nosey?)and would like to know what they have done etc etc - I can't be arsed talking about myself to them! It isn't like we are going to get together and have coffee or invite each other's families over for a bbq! So in the meantime I will just continue to look blankly and wonder what their lives have dealt them.

The other day I came home and told my husband that I just seen the girl who was the fastest, skinniest, all the boys wanted her girl who was in my year. She had certainly packed on the kilos (way more than myself of course!!) and didn't look fast at all. In recent months I have seen a girl I played softball with who does look really good. A guy who was in the year below me and stunningly gorgeous and sporty owns a Cafe near me. As I was telling my friends who I was having coffee with, how he had really let himself go, he was probably out the back telling his co-workers the same about me! It took me a while to recognise the guy I had kissed. He had already passed me but his cool sunglasses and flash suit reminded me of how slimey he was at school!! Months prior I had seen his brother in the distance who is obviously in contruction. Then at the gym I have seen the younger sister of a guy I was friends with but I had seen and spoken to his older sister last year so I know what he has been up to.

What do you do when you see someone from your school days?


Anonymous said...

I run the other way, that's for sure! I would probably hide if I saw someone I used to go to school with.... as I look nothing like I was when I was young. In fact, when my high school reunion was being organised... and I got letters and phone calls asking me to go, I pretended they had the wrong person. It still sends shivers up my spine.
Thanks for the sweets words you left me... xox Nicole

Stomper Girl said...

I live interstate from my old schools, thank the lord! I hated high-school and the many bogans that went to my school.

The only one I remotely fantasise about seeing again is my first boyfriend, who was a nice guy and a cutie. Last I heard he was at med school. I keep hoping I'll see him at a hospital but only if I'm looking fabulous of course!

Zoe said...

Shelly, that is so funny!! Of course it is always fun to run into (or just see from a distance) old friends. I am kind of like you, I just pretend that I don't recognize them because, after the initial, "OH HI, how are you?!" what else are you going to talk about!! I am also the one who has packed on a few pounds since high school so, I try to hide! Of course, after I am through losing this baby weight and look stunning, I will introduce myself to them . . . especially if I look better then them!!! he he he!! :)

chest of drawers said...

It´s been 24 years since I finished year 12 and just recently I checked out an old school friends site in the inernet and curiously read all the entries of people I knew. I live so far away from everyone and I must admit it had me feeling a bit nostalgic. I would certainly talk to old schoolies at the vege counter and ask them what they´ve been up to!

Tanya said...

A few thousand kilometres ensures that that is unlikely to happen.

Bec of the Ladies Lounge said...

I do exactly what you do: recognise them and pretend I haven't. And for the same reasons as you give, too!

Em said...

Wow - I haven't seen any old school friends for years and years (apart from a couple I keep regular contact with). I think what I would do would depend on the person I saw... I'd probably talk to half of them and run away from the other half!

nutmeg said...

You made me do the maths and I realised, just like you, that year 12 was 20 years ago a well. It DOES NOT seem like 20 years!

I live quite a distance from my old school but a fair few of us moved to Sydney and we catch sporadically, but willingly. My best friend from high school is still my best friend and now only lives a 10 minute drive away!

If I ran into anyone other than these ones I would run a mile; other than, just like Stomper, my first boyfriend. I would wait just long enough for him to catch a glimpse of what he missed out on (Ha Ha!)

h&b said...

I don't live near my hometown, so I don't run into people .. but I would be sure to say something if I saw someone - I think ???!

Although .. that guy on the news at the moment ... the one that poked a shark in the eye and survived being eaten ? He was one of the first boys that showed an interest in me.

I was scared of him, as he was older than me, and I was only a 16yr old virgin, and he had a 'reputation'. It went nowhere, and I am glad of it ;)

slap me happy said...

it is a weird situation isn't it , when I was in the UK just last year in aug i had so many people pretending they didnt't recognise me as if it were going to make my head big urghh god it annoyed me, just say hi and bye. I got to the stage I couldn't be arsed either. Have a good one tomorrow