Thursday, January 11, 2007

Home Produce

For those wondering how the 3 months with the in-laws is going...both have been very productive! Paa weeded my vegie garden and planted lots of things and already we have zuchinni, squash and silver beet to eat. The jam is actually a combined Grandparent effort. My Mum and Dad grew the plums and as Berta is a whizz at the jam making, she happily made about 8 jars of yummy Plum Jam. The other week she turned some fabulous apricots from my parents into great jam too.
Just before my father-in-law was in the vegie garden and the neighbour (the father who is from Croatia) was chatting to him in German and passed over the fence a big bag of lovely plums!! How nice. His wife (the cazy lady who we no longer see though sometimes hear her screaming) knocked on our door last year and handed me a bag of plums. They were the rotten ones she had swept up from the ground!!!!


nutmeg said...

Those vegies and jams look divine. That's my next project - learning how to make jam, preserve fruit, make pickles and chutneys - after I grow my first crop of course! The fruit products will take longer seeing the fruit trees aren't planted yet. My husband's grandmother made the best pickles and chutneys, but at 90 years of age those days are over for her now.

That bag of plums from the lady next door - it's hard to know what to say to her..."Thanks, I think!"

Shell said...

*laughs* That is wierd!

But wow, the sounds of all that home produce is making me envious. But not for long!!! My partner has started working on building me a big raised vegie patch and I'm eager for him to finish so that I can get started. It must be wonderful to have all that wholesome jam making and gardening happening at your place. So great!