Thursday, February 08, 2007

School Blues

I have 20 minutes before I have to leave the house and collect 4 kids from school. I had thought of doing a quick clean up but why, when the kids will trash the place anyway!! The other 2 girls will stay a couple of hours before I drop them home and then pick up my son. I am having 3 other friends (MY friends) over tonight for dinner and they could likely trash the place too. So i really wont clean up. No I am not cooking - Take Away something spicy is being picked up on the way here.

The four of us are looking forward to getting together and talking about our stressful few days as the kids started back at school 2 days ago!! For various reasons it has been tears all round and who would have thought it was going to be the parents crying not the children. Yes I too have had my own tears flowing as I deal with the fact that Shay has been put in a G&T (I much prefer to refer to it as a drink than a gifted and talented class). I have had real issues with it and am still not convinced about it. I have agreed with the Principal to trial it for 2 weeks and then we will reassess. The main thing is that Shay must be happy. It is a whole new program the school has started and apparently they have measured potential and Shay has an enormous amount. Yes, I know I should be happy but I am really torn about the whole thing.

Zoe is thrilled with her teacher and I am too. Luca has his doubts about his new class at daycare (2 days a week) although did enjoy himself on his first day and today being his second day, I haven't heard from them, so it must all be good!!! That is a saying that I seem to be hearing so often -"It's all good".


Em said...

Hmmm - what are your reservations about the G&T class? My eldest is "gifted" (I hate the word too) but they don't have a special G&T class at his school (at times I wish they did...)

Zoe said...

I think that it is great that your child is gifted. I think that programs like this are great . . . as long as you can keep an eye on your child and make sure that it is not too overwhelming for them. Keep us posted on how things go!

nutmeg said...

Yes, the start to the new school year/daycare year is a minefield isn't it? One wrong move and it could all go pear shaped! I'm still threading my way through our own minefield. I can't tell if I've glimpsed the other side yet!

As to the G&T class, like you said, see how things pan out and then reassess. As long as everyone is prepared to be a little flexible, giving and forgiving - it should work out in the end - right? Good luck with it :-)

chest of drawers said...

I understand, when summer holidays end and school begins I am always on the verge of tears.

jellyhead said...

Hope you had a good 'vent' and lots of laughs with your friends.

Yes, it's always an emotional time, the start of the school year. I have been worrying about my daughter too - does she have friends, is she coping ok with everything. (she herself seems to be absolutely fine!)

Kerri said...

Our youngest, Kathy, was in a gifted and talented program for a while (and she turned out to be our worst student, because she has concentration).
I wasn't very impressed with it. Just couldn't really see the benefit.
I hope it works out well for Shay.