Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Testing New Blogger

I think I have just been forced to change to the NEW blogger!! I am only up for change if it all works. So here is hoping!!! I have read many a blog with not happy bloggers!! Is it true - I can change the font and colour etc? Now this could be fun! I'll test with a photo. This is my foot taking the step!


Anonymous said...

I quite like the new blogger actually. It's really not that different from the old - except the signing in all the time!


Em said...

Please tell me how you kept your header?! I've been trying to insert mine, but no such luck.

deb said...

I think you should be ok now.. I changed about a month or so after everyone else did and I didn't have any problems.

shellyC said...

Em - Everything just stayed as it was. All I did was agree (looked like I had no choice!!)to sign over and presto everything was there. I guess I was lucky. I am not really techno minded but I will check with hubby when he is home in 10 days!!!

My float said...

Great photo!

The new Blogger has been fine since they amalgamated the signing in process so that you don't have to sign in to Google AND blogger.

The photo is great. I love the look of sand when it's been photographed.

Alice said...

Mine's working much better now. Still a pain having to login, but I guess it's a small price to pay for a free website.

I think I must have to change my template in order to take advantage of the new fonts/colours, etc. They seem to be available on my 'practice blog' but not on my original templates.

I guess we'll all sink or swim together.