Friday, March 23, 2007

Eye -scapades!!!

Well I turned up to my Tutorial and asked my Tutor if she had seen my e.mail. She hadn't as she hasn't had access to the Uni computer system...???? Anyway she was very understanding of my "phobia" and said I did not have to participate in the disection - like I was going to be able to!! In class we did other things and when it came to the "eye time" I looked in my lap for a very long time. I couldn't even look at the model she was showing. There were actually only 3 eyes to be cut up and so people had to work in groups. Apparently eyes are not free anymore from the butcher - people buy them to...get this...pewk...Eat them!!!! Anyway my table became the designated table for those with weak stomachs and a few of us chatted. I did not see an eye at all but I still had to leave the room after hearing all the "oohh" "cut it there" "yuk - what is that stuff". I was called back into class when everything had been packed away. Still after class I was still feeling queasy and had to resort to my "hangover cure" - Diet Coke and some extra salty Hot Chips!!!


jellyhead said...

Glad to hear you escaped relatively unscathed! Whew!

Alice said...

So, they've found a use for Diet Coke after all???

Do you think people buy eyes to make soup as in "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom?"

Ooops, sorry, ... you'd better have another diet coke and chips - quickly!

Zoe said...

Yuck! I cannot believe that!! You are brave to be there! I remembered that I disected a cat in High school biology. Now I think . . . "What was I thinking!!!??" For you it is all for a good cause though! :)

Kerri said...

Eating eyes??? Ick..yuk...bleck...gross!
Primary school kids would surely never be asked to cut one up, so why should you have to go through it? You could learn the parts just as well by seeing a diagram I think.
Sounds more like an endurance test, and you sure do need endurance to teach any grade level.
Clever title :)