Friday, March 23, 2007

Real Mums......

Stomper has tagged me to do this meme about Real Mums. The rules are you need to finish the sentence (Real Mums...) and add a photo.

Real Mums do all they can to keep their heads above water!!

I am tagging Jelly, Nutmeg & My Float

I think that real Mums try somehow to get out of being a Mum at least once! This was the conversation that happened between myself and Zoe who was nearly 4 at the time. I cannot remember what happened that led my daughter to utter these words:

Zoe: You are the meanest Mother in the world!! (And it wasn't the time I divided the recorder the two girls were fighting over in two!!!)

Me: Really? Would you like a new one?

Zoe: Yes.

Me: Fine, grab your coat and we will go to the Tram station (30metres from our apartment in Switzerland) and we will go and look for a New Mum for you.

Zoe: OK

Me: What about this lady walking towards us?

Zoe: Ummm No.

Me: Oh look the Tram must have just been. Let's go back inside and wait 10 minutes and then there will be more people at the Tram station and surely we can find you a new Mum.

Zoe: OK

10 minutes pass

Me: Come on Zoe, let's get our coats on and go out and find you a new Mum.

Zoe: OK

Lots of people are there.

Me: What about the lady in the black coat?

Zoe: I don't think so.

Me: Are there any people here you would like as a Mum?

Zoe: No.

Me: I know, we will go into the City on Saturday because there will be loads of people and I am sure we will find you a new Mum.

Zoe: OK.

Me: We will take Daddy too and maybe he can help you find a new Mum.

Zoe: Yeah that will be good.

Of course on Saturday Zoe had her Dad asking if she wanted every blonde 20 year old we saw to be her new Mum and I was asking her about the sour faced women I saw!!

After a while I said "So Zoe do you think you might be happy to keep me as your Mum?"

Zoe: Yes I am sure!

Me: Well I really want to be your Mum!


nutmeg said...

Oh that is soooooo true. That story was great. I've noticed over the last couple of weeks that when I see a particular van (a VW "Commuter" or something like that) I have some vision of me buying one and driving off for a weekend on my own to who knows where - sleping in the back with my stack of books! So real mum's have fantasies about being on their own! But I will expand on that thought in a blog post during the next week. Thanks for the tag Shelly :-)

Alice said...

That is such a good story, and I can hardly type for laughing at that damn son-in-law of mine wanting every 20-year-old blonde to be Zoe's new mother.

I'm sure there were many instances when you thought I was the meanest mother in the world, too, but I guess I wasn't in the mood to go shopping for a new one for you. Tough luck kid, you were stuck with me. You've turned out pretty well despite that.

Em said...

Great picture and great story!

My other real mums... idea was to say "real mums dream of running away"... kind of the same idea :)

jellyhead said...

What a great post! I love the one-liner and photo, but also the sweet/funny story about Zoe.

Presssure's on now for me to come up with something!

My float said...

That's hilarious. My son has only ever said, once, "I don't love PC anymore" which thankfully PC didn't hear.

Thanks for tagging me. I'm still in blank blogland so this will save me!

Kerri said...

This story gave me some good chuckles Shelley.
I'm just wondering what you would've done if Zoe had said, "There, that one....I'll take that one!"
Knowing you, you'd have come up with a good answer :) I can see your hubby shares your sense of humour.
Good on you for surviving the camping trip sans husbands! Glad you all had a good time in spite of the pitfalls.

Stomper Girl said...

Laugh laugh laugh. Especially at the divided recorder : genius.

Fantastic work.

Still chuckling.

Word Verification is sbfunne (Shells and Beans funny).

Sarah Louise said...

Loved this!! Shopping for a new mom sounds like something my mom could have done...very imaginative!!

Mimi said...

My third daughter used to say that I was the worst mommy in whole nuniverse but she would also come back with best mommy in whole nuniverse. I have heard I hate you from all four of them at one time or another. Those deep seated emotions seem to be a normal part of family living.


meggie said...

Great post!

Lazy cow said...

Love the head above water shot.

Molly said...

Ohhh! I have sooooo been there. And offered to help them pack. And solicitously warned them not to let the door hit them in the hindquarters!

Sandy said...

That's a really thought provoking meme and you did a great job. I love what you came up with and the picture...Perfect.
The story of you and Zoe was priceless.

Suse said...

Funny. I can't believe you took your daughter mother-hunting! You're brave! (What if she'd picked one?!)

slap me happy said...

lmbo here havent we all had the recorder divison fight lol, I give up now and pretend to give it ti=o Vinnies lol,
kids huh
xx shona

shellyC said...

This could be my record No. of comments. thanks everyone!! Does this mean if I start admitting more of my motherhood stories I will get more comments??? Or a knock on the door from DOCS (Dept.of Childrens services)!! I don't think I am really a mean Mum - I just like to give my children choices that mean they will ALWAYS come back to me!!