Tuesday, March 13, 2007


What a fabulous "Comb Over" Luca!!

I just love this snap!

Fabulous weather...warm water...really warm...so warm that I was in the water for ages!!!

Thank you for your comments - you are right it isn't extravagant it is LIVING!!!!

3 Weeks went pretty fast and Marcel is away again......I have moved my computer on to his desk and set up my machine on mine...I am hoping for some time to sew!

Bits and Pieces

**I knitted a scarf each way on the car trip!

**My kids look like Surfers in the surf!

**My husband was chatting to a retired woman who then gave him surfing lessons on her surfboard!!

**Can't some of you wonderful and creative writers out there write some kids books to be used as school readers!! While I love listening to my kids read - I am sick of the types of books that are available -boring or nursery rhymes. Why are there not thought provoking home readers??


nutmeg said...

They are wonderful photos. Your right! You all look like very experienced beach people! That beach looks a great one for kids could you tell where it is - like the general vicinity - don't want to attract any less than desirables to your beach - not that we are that way ;-)

slap me happy said...

love the pics, I am slowly ttrying to catch up with all you guys as our pc died but fingers are nearly one fire here lol, please pass my love on to your mum as this library pc is going to die in 2 mins and I don't think I will get into her blog that fast. The kids look like they are enjoying themselves at the beach, we certainly have had the weather for it lol

shellyC said...

Nutmeg - general vicinity is the South Coast -batemans Bay way!! Actual beach is at Broulee...would love to run into you there!!!

Slap me Happy - have been wondering about you and checking in. Hope things are going well and will pass your regrads onto Mum.

In transit said...

has Luca had a hair cut?! Or maybe it's just sleek because it is wet.
It's getting warm here too. yay!

My float said...

Ah your kids look like they were born to the water. My philosophy is, start 'em early. My son adores the water now and is very brave - more so than me!

You knitted a scarf? WOW!

as for the books, i think even the best ones become annoying after you hear them for the 654th time!

Zoe said...

How fun!!! Warm water . . . I can only dream. I think that is soooo cute that your hubby talked to an older woman who then taught him to surf! Wow! 2 scarves! That is impressive too.

stompergirl said...

Ooh, we used to spend our childhood holidays in Broulee!

I SO know what you mean about the readers.