Thursday, March 15, 2007

I cannot do it!!

I didn't think my studying to be a Primary Teacher would put me in this situation!! However the joys of my Science Education class!! Those who know me will know this is probably the worst thing I could be asked to do!! So I had to write to my tutor

Dear Tutor

Today in our Tutorial you mentioned that we would be disecting "eyes" next week. Is this correct? This may sound strange but I WILL disect anything EXCEPT eyes. I just have a real phobia about eyes, eye operations, really anything eye related. Twenty years ago in my Biology classes in College I disected everything but eyes - I just can't. I am willing to buy any other animal part from the butcher if I need to, in order to participate. However I have just checked the outline for next week and I guess there are not many body parts that can illustrate 'how light travels'.
Kind Regards


Alice said...

Oh Shelle, what a dilemma. Perhaps you could find something on the Internet or in a book that would show the same thing, and then you could do a series of drawings/sketches to show that you understand the process without actually participating in the disection.

Shell said...

Oh dear, I feel your pain - though I wouldn't be dissecting anything with blood or skin - which doesn't really leave much.

Did you get a response?

nutmeg said...

No. No dissections at all please!

Thanks for the info re: the beach. The youngest girl is going to be just the right age for this sort of holiday during next summer. I can't wait. I will keep you posted as to where we end up!

Anonymous said...

Eeew! Not for me either. I agree with Alice that there has to be another way. Perhaps an essay detailing the procedure to show an understanding. Or, maybe you could watch as someone else does it for you while you guide them through the steps? Just make sure to have a lovely pink bucket nearby. Apart from those ideas... I have to say that I still sould'nt do it. Yucko!
Did you get a response?

Kerri said...

I wouldn't do it either. How perfectly disgusting. Yek! Curious to know the response.
I absolutely love your beach snaps, and just reading about someone going to the beach! I'll go with you vicariously!!!
Reading a text book on the beach might make the task a little more pleasant :)
Happy St. Patrick's Day!

stompergirl said...

I hope they let you out of doing it. They must. They don't want peopole in there hyperventilating and fainting. surely!!

Em said...

Oh goodness - an eye! What was the response from your tutor?