Monday, April 23, 2007


Back from a fabulous weekend camping with two other families = 6 adults and 10 kids!!! Rain was forecast but did not eventuate...water was warm..ish!!! We all saw Dolphins, Stingrays/ Manta Rays, Possums, loads of birds, Kangaroos. Marcel was snorkelling with the two girls when one of the huge Rays was very close to them - the girls grabbed on to his back when they saw it.

Marcel left today for another 3 weeks away.
There is washing taking over the house.
School holidays for the kids and I am back at Uni - bad timing!!

By the way Blogger is still annoying me - in order to get rid of my other self - I thought I had deleted myself as the real author. After loads of scouring of the "help" section of Blogger I ended back being able to post - I hope!!


Leah said...

I'm glad you deleted your alter ego :) Where did you go camping - it sounds great!

Stomper Girl said...

Ooh we had a stingray adventure las weekend too! You weren't on Phillip Island were you?

Must be their breeding season.

Zoe said...

How fun. Your family is a great camping family. We always say that we are going to go but then never do. I need to make it a priority! Good luck without hubby.