Monday, May 07, 2007


Some T-Towels are too nice to dry dishes!!!


Zoe said...

That is so cute! Thank you for your sweet comments. I actually used several patterns that I found to do the lunch totes. The best one that is pretty similar that is at

I added a liner (basically another bag) inside the bag to make it thicker and more sturdy. With the top seam, I made the outer bag a bit longer than the inner bag. Before sewing the two together, I cut the top with pinking shears. Then, when the liner is in place, I fold the outer bag over the lining and sew the top edge seam. Next I sew the top seams on the corners. I only did seams on the four long edges, not on any of the bottom panel. I found that it saved me a lot of headaches and looked just as nice. I also found that using sticky velcro worked better then sewing it on. Saves time and looks nicer. I don't know if you have worked with oilcloth before but, I discovered that sewing over tissue paper helped with keeping my presser foot from getting stuck and kept my lines straight. (Unless you have a teflon foot).

Good luck! If you have any more questions, just let me know. I hope that you post some pictures of your totes if you make some.:)

chest of drawers said...


Nicole said...

Hi Shelly, I had a giggle at your telling the time post. I must try that one myself. Only problem is that miss seven can tell the time and I will need to turn all the clocks around. Oh well, the thought was there!
I have a few teatowels that an American blog friend sent me and I refuse to let them be used.... they are too gorgeous to even contemplate using to dry stuff. Love how you used yours.
Have an awesome week.

slap me happy said...

this one made me giggle, how true. I have heaps of tea towels from scotland NZ etc but do not use them and would kill the kids if they did, kids and dishes hey no chance of that happening hey lol

My float said...

What a beautiful towel. It would lovely in a frame!

Stomper Girl said...

I've got a gorgeous teatowel of Climber's 4YO kindergarten class self-portraits that I don't really know what to do with.. I just know that if it starts work in the kitchen it will end up stained and possibly burnt. Hell, that's what happens to all the others.

meggie said...

Great use of the tea towel.
Laughed about the bedtime post- what a great idea. You all would benefit.