Saturday, May 19, 2007

....still here...

Crazy..busy..hectic.....but aren't we all!!!

I have been doing my professional experience as a Primary Teacher in a school doing Art and Music with Kindergarten to Year 6. My mentoring teacher is fabulous and I am learning so much. Being forced to sing in front of kids has been a challenge but I am feeling better about it. It has been a juggle with the kids the first week but Marcel is now home. He is home for 4 weeks this time.

Lots of cuddles despite the jet lag!!!

Oh and remember my Big Book.......HD!!!! Stands for High Distinction!! I can't complain with that so I guess all that effort paid off!!


Alice said...

Good to see that Marcel hasn't moved too far from the remote control.

Congrats. on the HD for your book. Guess it doesn't get any better than that, unless it's a lucrative contract to produce more!!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your High Distinction. You worked so hard on the 'big book' and deserve wonderful credit for it.

I have been volunteering more at the kids school recently and I miss teaching dearly.... oh well.

I hope your weekend was wonderful.

jellyhead said...

Hi Shelly, good to hear some news from your crew.

Whoo HOO, a high distinction!! Gotta be happy with that!

Stomper Girl said...

I knew you'd get a HD for that book. *nods in wise and psychic manner*

I hope you are singing in tune to those kids!! We had a tone-deaf kinder teacher for Climber (she was perfect apart from that) and I used to wonder how the kids were supposed to learn the songs she taught them!

My float said...

What a lovely photo!

Congratulations on your HD. What an achievement. You're very brave singing in front of kids, by the way!

nutmeg said...

Congratulations on the HD - it looked like you put in hours and hours of hard work on it.

A very peaceful picture that one :-)

slap me happy said...

well done with the hd, you must have put in alot of effort. The only grades I get are the ones I live through my eldest daughter now lol.Got an a+ in the last english assignment we did lol