Tuesday, June 05, 2007

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Little Miss Eight!!

My baby turns 8 today!!! I am so amazed when I look at her now and remember looking at this tiny baby eight years ago and thinking about the overwhelming responsibility of looking after this baby. Back then I could never have envisaged how amazingly proud I was going to be of her and to be honest of myself - for getting her this far. Really we did it together! Happy Birthday Darling!!
Eight years ago did I think that an 8 year old birthday meant:
New Bike * Groovy clothes * Prawn & Bacon Pasta * Chocolate Mud Cake * 50 chocolate chip cookies for the whole class * an Arty Crafty Party with 10 friends - at my house!


Em said...

Happy birthday! My #1 turns 8 in 3 months :)

jellyhead said...

Oh, Happy Birthday to your beautiful oldest child!

Hope you recover OK from the craft party!!

h&b said...

MmMm - sounds like heaven ;)

Happy B'day Miss 8 !

Tanya said...

No, no, I didn't forget.... Ok, I did - parcel went in the post today. Hope everyone had a great day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

My eldest turns eight in eight months. Did you say the party is at your house? That is awfully brave of you. I have a pirate party coming up for Mr 'I'm turning five' in two months. I have started planning already as my last party did'nt go so great. It was an outdoor disco and it rained all night :(

I wish you all the very best. xox
ps... are you putting the cookies in cd pockets?

Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your Big Girl! And good luck with all that party/birthday stuff. Yikes.

My float said...

Isn't she beautiful? That glow solely belongs to children, doesn't it?

I hope she had an absolutely wonderful birthday.