Monday, June 11, 2007

Long Weekend Round Up!!

This is what happens when you try a packet mix!!! They tasted awful too!! Did think of making a Kahlua Trifle - but binned the lot instead - they were like glue in your mouth!! I know I should of put the patty pans into a patty cake tray. Glad they didn't work out - I then stayed up until midnight making Nigella Lawsons faithful recipe!

These were the Sunday party crafts. Huge THANKS to Mum
for her fabulous patience in showing 9 little girls how to sew on buttons to their fleece scarves they made and to my sister for her arty expertise! Collage was also a crafty experience as was decorating the said patty cakes and drawing a fancy name tag for the party boxes to take home. The girls all had a Craft Passport and got stickers when they finished the items. I think lots of fun was had by all.

Sunday night dinner was left over party food!!!

Holiday Monday and a trip to the Airport to drop hubby off for his return to Malaysia. 11 more sleeps and then the kids and I fly over for 3 weeks. To make myself feel better I stopped at the Brand Depot near the airport and bought Luca some boots (he has been wearing crocs since summer) and so bought myself a new pair of Mary Jane Crocs -Army Green colour!!

Oh and big news!! We have a new neice/cousin!! Little *Yona* Eliza* was born on the 10th in New York to my husbands sister.

I have been studying for an exam I have at 9.00am tomorrow!! Though I would prefer to keep going with the pink scarf I started to knit today!!!
Hopefully the neighbours have no more crappy fireworks left to set off tonight! Really their displays have been pathetic! It is all just noise. Though we all laughed when the neighbour on Sat. night let some go and had to race out to the reserve and stomp out the two fires he started!!

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slap me happy said...

looks like you all had fun with the little queens birthday, love the craft idea may try that one one our girls next birthdays. send your mum up to help me out with it lol. Hope your exam went well too honey.