Friday, June 29, 2007

Still no shoes purchasd!!

Can you believe that I still haven't bought myself any new shoes in the week we have been in Malaysia!! Oh but don't worry I WILL!! They are cheap!! We are all having a great time in the heat - average temp -32 degrees!! Kids are always in the pool! We are off on a little Island jaunt tomorrow for 5 days. People keep saying there is nothing to do there - why don't they get that that is the appeal!!!

A few moments of our trip so far -

*Getting to watch 7 episodes of Greys anatomy on the plane!! Gee my kids are great travellers!!

*Eating so much delicious food!

*Watching the kids perfect their swimming techniques - as varied as they are!

*Coping with a taxi ride that would make your hair stand on end - Marcel says he is used to it!

*Another Taxi driver remarking on how good my kids were because they looked for the seatbelts straight away. his kids don't like seatbelts because they cannot move around!! He doesn't wear a seatbelt because it will crush his shirt!!!!

*Blond curly hair will draw all kinds of attention here in malaysia - much to Luca's disgust!!

*Zoe woud quite happily take on the job of transcribing the English subtitles on the pirated DVDs - they really do not make sense!!

Will write more when we return all relaxed from our little holiday!


Anonymous said...

Shelly, it sounds as if you are having a fantastic time. Please keep safe and keep those blonde curls safely under your wings. Take care, Nicole xox.

Zoe said...

How fun and exciting!!! That is seriously such an amazing opportunity! I hope that you take a ton of pictures!

h&b said...

I must admit, i'm not much for a 'restful' holiday. I was soooooooooooooo bored in Fiji. I like to 'do stuff'.

But you mentioned you can shop, and that's 'doing stuff' for me :)

And yummmmy Malaysian food - *drool*

slap me happy said...

I am so jealous of you, every time our friend goes to Malasia he gets me shoes and handbags and Joe watches and t shirts. Things are so cheap there hey. Glad your all having a great time< luca will be sick of getting his photo taken too with the blonde hair
xx shona

had a giggle as the word below to leave the comment is icp

My float said...

Wow, what a trip. Sounds exciting - especially teh quiet time on the plane, hee hee.