Thursday, June 21, 2007

Off we go!!

Well after my husband has been working here for over a year here (3 weeks there -3 weeks home) - we are all finally going there!!! Making sense? The kids and I are off to join Marcel for 3 weeks in Malaysia. He will be working for one week and then we will holiday all together for 2 weeks!! Excited?? The kids are and Marcel is and I will be - once I get there!! On my own with 3 kids - leaving at 7.00am and getting there at about 10pm!!

I'll think of you all - especially those in colder parts!! I will try and blog here and there while away. Take Care - shelly


My float said...

Ooh, how exciting. Have a fabulous time...

slap me happy said...

that pic looks stunning, you lucky woman. I had the baby come over when you can and see his pics.

h&b said...

Oh WOW !
How exciting !

Great pic too. jealous !!

Have a great time :)