Wednesday, July 18, 2007

...back home!!!

It is cold here - very very cold. From one day to the next we were cooling our hotel room down to 25 degrees to get cool and back home we are heating to 21 degrees to try and stay warm!! We all have gorgeous tans (even with sunscreen, hats and shirts) -no-one can see them as we need to rug up!! ...of course they are fading fast too!!

Anyway we are back from a wonderful three weeks holiday that was perfect! I do feel very lucky that we were able to have such a holiday. We arrived back on Sunday lunchtime and Monday morning I was back at Uni for a marathon day - bit shorter for Tuesday.

There is loads of washing to do but it isn't stuff we will be wearing for a few months so it can stay piled up!!


Tanya said...

Welcome home!!!

Dare I say, it's cold here too.

jellyhead said...

Welcome back Shelly!

I'm glad your holiday went really well.

And it IS cold, even in not-usually-very-cold parts of Oz. Of course, you'd be colder than we are, so rug up, keep warm and stay away from all the sneezing coughing people!

Stomper Girl said...

This has been the hardest part of this cold and wet - the piles of washing mouldering away in the laundry!! Good luck getting yours done and welcome back.

tracey petersen said...

Glad to see that you had such a good holiday, but back to Earth with a thud! Hope you stay warm.

In transit said...

our holiday draws to a close soon too.... though at least we have a few more weeks (if not months) before it gets cold and wet... although with Belgium, you never actually know. Glad you had a good time :)