Friday, July 20, 2007

Cleaning "moment".

I have done this before - came home from a long holiday and marvelled at how we all got by with so little. So proceed to have a big clear out!!! It feels good!! Yesterday I set to work on my pantry (a mere 6 months since I did it last time!!) but it really needed it. Again the kids love it when I do this as I unearth all those forgotten party bags they have brought home and say "Eat what you want - the rest is going in the bin!"
Yesterday I even took out all the tea towels and ironed them - I never iron anything but there is soemthing lovely about ironed tea towels!! I also went out and bought a few big jars to hold stuff. I think I have made the best ever "pick 'n' mix" with all those opened bags of raisins, pretzels, pumpkin seeds etc etc. This big jar sits next to the huge jar of Lindt mini chocolates. So you have a choice of healthy or not!!! What would you choose??
Will post a few more holiday snaps later.


tracey petersen said...

I doubt very much that the lindt would even make it into a jar at my house!

Stomper Girl said...

I'll just have one lindt, thanks. Don't want to be greedy.

Zoe said...

Ummm, duh!! Unhealthy!!! I cannot believe (am totally impressed) that you have so much candy in your house that hasn't been eaten!! It wouldn't last a day in my house! LOL! I am glad to see that you guys are back - safe and sound.

jellyhead said...

Send me a few of those tea-towels, will you?! (I have about 5 and they are all festy....but I never seem to remember to buy more!)

h&b said...

I like the Lindt Crunchy Toffee .. or whatever it is, like the European Daim Bars. Mmm.

You have a lot of teatowels and a lot of choc !

I like ironed linen too - but then I don't like to use it because 'it's ironed all nice and that'


My float said...

I love ironed tea towels!

Also love the Lindt, but those pretzels are looking pretty tasty too. Snack girl over here - can you tell?!

chest of drawers said...

I know that feeling after a holiday...keep up the good work!