Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Grumpy Mature Aged Student

...that would be me...!!! I am too busy to spend time in tutorials laughing at the tutors anecdotal silly stories about his teaching career in a small country town! That take up three quarters of the tutorial!!! I really don't need a gorgeous young Tutor who cannot finish a sentence, uses more "Ums" than is humanly possible and tells us - her students -"I can't believe I spent all weekend doing this wonderful PowerPoint presentation 'um' for you all and 'um' would you believe 'um' I left it at 'um' home" - Now leave that excuse to us, your students and don't even tell us you did the Power Point. Oh it is going to be a long semester. And while it is not apparent to my fellows students that I am verging on this new persona - I am sure it will soon!!!!


Em said...

LOL! I'd be grumpy too :)

jellyhead said...

I would *so* be the same.... you are not alone!

My float said...

She's probably as nervous as all hell, and she's probably scared of you all.

Oh wait, maybe I'm projecting!

Is it worth asking her questions about the element of work you're supposed to be focusing on each week? Perhaps she'll get the hint.

Surfing Free said...

Hee hee - I did a Masters course a couple of years ago and it is soooo hard to go back to Uni after being out of that environment for years. It all seems so ...well, pointless at times.

Good luck with your studies. What are you studying again??

tracey petersen said...

Your priorities are so different from those school leavers who were probably delighted by the very things that frustrated you. It would have delighted me back in the day...but NOT now.