Thursday, July 26, 2007

Winter Days

Oh how I love the blog world!!! Stomper posted a post with a photo of her Lamb and Barley Soup. I felt like I could taste it - it looked so good and warming! I didn't ask for the recipe - I just went ahead and made it as I thought it would taste. Probably the two soups would taste totally different - they look similar though. It was delicious - even though my kids said it was "more slop than soup" they still enjoyed it.
It must be winter when you feel the urge to get in a warm bath at 4.30 in the afternoon! It must be a cold winter when the water gets cold so quickly that you summon hubby to add two kettles of boiling water to the tub!!! I actually put the jets on too and then watched my Malaysian suntan literally get soaked and blasted off!!!!!


jellyhead said...

oh YUM... would you let me try just a spoon of that soup?!

I love winter foods - roasts, soups, stews and warm cakes and muffins. Unfortunately these foods do not love me (ie I get a muffin top to go with the muffins!)

tracey petersen said...

Come on summer, come on!