Sunday, August 26, 2007

80's Party

Oh Yes - It was an 80's Party!!! i think the most fun was putting together our outfits and getting ready!! Thanks to my sister and her donation of clothes as she had been to an 80's party a few weeks prior!
Zoe just looked at this photo and said "Why have you all got such big hair?"
Really I have no idea how we had time to go out in the 80's as so much time was spent on doing your hair!! And breathe - how did anyone breathe with all that hairspray in the air? It was great fun with great music, cocktails galore and lots of 80's food - prunes wrapped in bacon, devilled eggs and who has heard of devon filled with mashed potato?

PS. don't want to incriminate my friends!


Tanya said...

We didn't use hairspray back then - it was lacquer. Lots and lots of lacquer.

jellyhead said...

Shelly (or should I call you Cyndi? as in, Lauper?)

You look wonderfully big-haired and extremely happy. Makes me want to get together with a bunch of friends, too!

Glad you got to let your hair down. Err, puff your hair up? Glad you had fun anyway!

Stomper Girl said...

Your fluoro orange tights rock!! AS for the hairspray, if their were any headlice still hanging round your house I bet they're gone now.

tracey petersen said...

quite frankly I don't think that your hair is big enough! Did you comb-tease as well as hair spray. I could get my fringe almost vertical like that back in the day.

In transit said...

yew look stuunnnning!

Snow White said...

I used to have to turn my head upside down and spray as the hairdryer blew to make it last for the night lol, memory's hey I jus called your kids fat accidentally trying to type fast whilst breast feeding lol in you mums blog post with the kids labouring in the garden lol. LMBO I honestly promise it was a typo. Noah was puking on me as I typed and now I am sitting here in my bra freezing and sniggering to a little . Hope no one comes to the open back door. Would need a crash cart for anyone who see's these puppies lol. did i tell you I am sick of breast feeding yet arghhhh.

h&b said...

I'm still partial to a Devil on Horseback. I like to stuff the prune with a almond for a nutty, crunchy touch.


nutmeg said...

I am still kicking myself over getting rid of my eighties clothes - especially the Choose Life t-shirt - could have made a bomb down at the Paddington markets with it!

Zoe said...

That is sooooo funny!! Yes, I remember spending hours in front of the mirror just working on my bangs! (Or fringe . . . I think that is what you call it!?) Of course, that was the only priority in my life at that time!! LOL!