Monday, September 03, 2007

Trip to the coast

Dear Papi...... We had a nice time at the coast - but it wasn't the same without you!

We had to lift the heavy rocks ourselves to look for crabs. Mummy isn't as strong as you are.

We still smiled lots and did silly faces!

I got bitten by the mossies because you were not there to let them bite you instead!

Mummy made us do some silly poses! They would have looked better with you in them too!

My shorts are only a little bit wet - I needed you to lift me over the water!!

I still managed to catch a crab and mummy didn't even help - like she would anyway!!!

Next time we go to the coast for the weekend we will wait until you are back from really wasn't the same without you!!


Stomper Girl said...

Great photos. I wouldn't help my kids with a crab either!

Tanya said...

Ohhh, that sounds so sad - but I'm glad there were some smiles to be had.

tracey petersen said...

it looks like a nice, but a bit lonely, way to spend a weekend

jellyhead said...

Aw Shelly, do I detect just a wee bit of yearning for your hubby there??!

What a gorgeous, illustrated 'Letter to Papi'!

Zoe said...

That is so sweet! It is nice to realize all of the little ways that he makes a difference in everyones life! I hope that he is able to return home soon and safely!

Anonymous said...

Dear Family

After your visit here in Malaysia it is even harder to stay here without you all.
There are no rocks to lift but sometimes it feels like moving a mountain.
3 more sleeps and i will head home where we can plan OUR trip to the coast.


chest of drawers said...

I had a lot of those times alone with the kids and I know just what you mean.

Snow White said...

great pics of the kids I love the stacked up one very cute.

Alice said...

If that didn't bring a tear to the eye of your 'hard-hearted (not)' father, then nothing will.

Glad you had a good time, but I know it will be much better next time with Papi. He's just that sort of father!

Happy belated Fathers' Day, Marcel.