Friday, September 07, 2007

paper teapot

A project in my Art class at Uni - "Make a teapot out of paper without using any tape, staples, glue etc" - This is a compulsory unit so it isn't like it is full of creative minds! Anyway I was in my element with a creative challenge and launched into it very happily. There were others who struggled - but hey I am sure I struggle with things they are happy doing. I guess with visual art it is visible and that is why it produces angst for many.
A friend has offered to pay me to do some Art classes with her kids. Our children are at different schools and we are both a bit unhapppy with the lack of visual arts the kids are able to do. Of course that is largely due to the whole "crowded curriculum" as I am sure many teachers really would like to do more visual art. I wish I did more with my own children. Naturally I have been thinking about this a lot and think I will start something up that could run fortnightly - I don't want any money for it - maybe for materials though. I'll keep you posted!
Sarah - if you are reading this, I may need to call you in Switzerland for ideas!!!!!


jellyhead said...

It's a perfect teapot .... and with no adhesives to hold it together? I'm very impressed!

Now you're thinking of running art classes, too? Do you *ever* run out of enthusiasm and energy Shelly?!!

tanya said...

You HAVE to do art class at uni? I'm going back!!

tracey petersen said...

nice interpretation of the theme, clever use of available resources, definite resemblance between the item and your interpretation.... surely you passed with flying colours!

Stomper Girl said...

You are really going to ace that assignment. Maybe you should get a teabag so that you can have the tag dangling out of the lid.