Friday, September 07, 2007


A quick 30 second dash to the loo - no shutting the door - there is no point on my house!!!
Shay arrives "Mum - how does the hair on your head grow?"
Luca arrives "Well how come a baby is born with only little hair?"
Shay "Well what about the hair on dogs - how does that grow?"

Sometimes I know why my husband shuts the door and takes a good book with him!!!


tracey petersen said...

So.... what were your answers?

Alice said...

Obviously he's looking for the answers - the ones that you know without a second thought.

My float said...


Heck, the dash to the loo is my only escape!

Alice said...

Love the new colour - and that's from a normally orange-colour hater.

tanya said...

Is my computer playing up? Love that new colour. Orange is always a winner.

Miss Ifi said...

FUNKY!!!! and great colour.. I love the change to the orange *claps*
thanks by the way for the comment on my blog (I though I had left a comment yesterday but apparently I didn't).