Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gotta love Orange!!

Thanks for the comments regarding my new colour choice!! I love orange! Thankfully my husband does too because I made him paint the feature wall in our bedroom this colour!!

Conversations that happened yesterday.

Husband - "Honey - what are you going to do about this gym membership that is debited each fortnight - yet you never go. Why don't you just quit?"

Me - "Well now that you are back - I will have the chance to go!!"

I haven't been for about 2 months!! Slack I know! Haven't been motivated!

2.00pm - After a lovely lunch with a dear school friend who I haven't seen for over two years and she only lives 30 minutes away!!!

My mobile rings.

"Hi Shelly - this is Hannah from the Gym, I was just making a courtesy call to see if we can organise a time for you to come in so we can chat and get you back to the gym?"

Me - "Did my husband call you?"

Hannah (lots of laughing) -"No"

Me - "Are you sure?"

Hannah (still laughing) - "I am sure. Are you free tonight?"

Me - "Um - No" (thinking about the pasta dinner, glass of wine and chocloate to follow that I would be having that night!!)

So on Thursday the lovely Hannah (whoever she is - must have started working there in the time I have avoided the place) and I will chat about what my fat butt and belly really should be doing!!


tracey petersen said...

she sounds dreadfully pushy to me!!!

Stomper Girl said...

*cheers* Go Shelly go Shelly just say go

You might as well use itif you're paying for it...

jellyhead said...

tee hee .... I bet 'Hannah' told everyone at the gym how you were convinced your husband had dobbed you in!!

Re the gym: I reckon the trick is not to go tooooo often (I'm not kidding - I'm serious!). Twice a week to get some really good cardio exercise (and maybe a few weights too) means you don't get too fed up with the place. Then you can walk/swim/bike ride etc another 1-2 times per week and you're set. This is my theory, anyway!

I need to stop eating cake. Winter really makes me eat cake. I have bad muffin tops!

Flossy said...

I need to go to the gym. Or something.
My muffins are fully grown cakes now!!

Surfing Free said...

Then you must tell me what it is you have to do because I have no idea!

I think the secret to going to the gym is to just do it - don't think about it, get dressed and go then you have no room for wheedling out of it. Good luck!

Alice said...

I need to go to the gym - and stay there!