Thursday, September 13, 2007


What would you do?

Guest arrives at Host for lunch at 11.30. Chit Chat Chitty Chat.
Neighbour pops in at 11.45 (not invited for lunch) - Chit Chat Chitty Chat.Chit Chat Chitty Chat! Guest leaves at 1.30 - VERY hungry!!! Host walks out to car with guest "Sorry I thought she would leave and I could make lunch."

I was the guest!


Alice said...

Take a sandwich with you next time so you can eat it just before you hit the floor in a fainting fit from hunger.

tracey petersen said...

If the host was unable to be direct you should have tried the passive aggressive technique,

"any way, wow, is that the time. No wonder I'm getting hungry. We haven't even had lunch yet!"

Stomper Girl said...

Personally I would have burst into tears. I just hate being starved.dexxpm

h&b said...

See, this is why I do things in the morning for *expected guests*, so stuff like this doesn't phase me. As I can't 'kitchen' with people watching either.

I have hang-ups, many ... ;)

She offered you guys NOTHING ? Not even a pkt of chockie bikkies or some cheese-n-crackers ?!?!?

I must admit I wouldn't have been able to P.O. the neighbour either, but perhaps an intro like "neighbour, this is my friend "X" who I haven't caught up in a while and have invited for lunch today!" at the start would have got the message across.

If she didn't leave, I would have served you both lunch, rather than let you starve.


jellyhead said...

Hmmmmm! I think if I were the host, I would eventually get up and start fixing lunch, offering neighbour some lunch too - in the hope that she might realise she is intruding, and go!!
Even if neighbour didn't leave, we would at least all be FED! (it's very important to me to be FED!)

Miss Ifi said...

wow... aren't there like some kind of rules when you get invited to lunch? Rule #1: guest must not leave hungry!

heh... I do like alice's idea though.. take a sammich with you, and I hope that your host makes up for missed lunch and hunger soon *nods*

My float said...

Oh good grief, what was wrong with the host? Surely there was an extra tin of tuna in the pantry?! And if not, well, that's what microwaves were made for!