Sunday, September 16, 2007

Recipe for extra guests!!

Thank you for your comments about my lunch the other day. I kept thinking of ways to stretch 2 rolls into 3 servings or other combinations I would have pulled together from my pantry!

Last night I made my (yes - I invented it!) delicious Macoroni Cheese!! Ready in 8 minutes!! And I thought this would be a great meal to cook in case you had to stretch things for any number of unwanted guests!!!

Cook Macoroni!
Mix together (I use my Bamix) a tub of cream cheese, about half a cup of milk, a good hanful of freshly grated parmesan and a good dash of fresh pepper!

Mix through cooked Macoroni!!

Serve with extra cheese and maybe a parsley sprig if you have guests!!


Flossy said...


Sounds similar to my tuna bake - add tuna, cheese on top and chuck in the oven!

Miss Ifi said...

heh.. is that an emphasis on "unwanted" ... *giggles*
If I was an unwanted guest and you served that to me (with my loving of cheese) I would try to drop by more often... so be careful!

My float said...

YUM!! Can I be a guest?!