Saturday, September 22, 2007

Art Class

Some things we have had to make in my Art class.

A teapot made out of paper. No adhesives, staples, glue etc at all!!!

On this day I forgot to bring in something to recycle and turn into a teapot!! Oh my forgetful brain!! So I looked in my backpack and had the option of a bruised apple, a water bottle or my scrunched up library bag!! Guess what I went with! One girl used a bra which I thought was a great idea but realising I was wearing a really ugly one that day - thought the library bag was a better option!

This is my clay piece!! We had to make a vessel of some kind. I was all prepared to make a 'chip and dip' dish!! The amount of clay we were given allows this bowl to hold 3 corn chips!!! That is all - or maybe 9 olives!!!

This is a page from a book we had to make. Again out of recycled materials. Mine had a strong environmental issue to it. The black and white paper is actually wallpaper from a book of wallpaper samples from the 50's or 60's. They were beautiful and it was such a shame that they had been cut and hacked up!!


Alice said...

At first I thought the third photo was the other girl's bra, but realised my mistake when I counted three indents

I'd have to go with the 3 corn chips because I certainly couldn't/wouldn't eat nine olives.

Great work though.

tracey petersen said...

Oh I bet the girl who used her bra was very young and has not had children..... gravity will get her one day!

shellyC said...

Tracey - that is so funny! Because she is older than me with 4 kids!! She is as skinny as a rake - the bra was padded too - black and sexy!!! I really wasn't bringing out my beige and faded number!!!

My float said...

Beautiful work. (I'd take the nine olives though!)

Snow White said...

love the paper tea pot, very cool, as for the bra lol, picturing me walking home stooped over from the weigh distribution lol hmmm not pretty