Sunday, September 23, 2007

Day out.

This is what could be heard at our house yesterday:
-Oh, why do we have to go out for a picnic!
-I don't want to go!
-Can't we just stay home and play?
-It will be sooooooooo boring!

This could be heard in the car going there:
-How long is it going to take?
-when are we there?
-how long have we been driving?
-we have been in the car so long - luca is asleep!
-i don't know why we had to come out!

This could be heard in the car coming home:
-Can we go back tomorrow?
-Next time we go we should take more containers to collect stuff.
-Next time I will be able to catch a lizard.
-How many lizards did you see?
-Can we go earlier next time so we have longer there?
-It was so much fun!


Stomper Girl said...

That looks so familiar! Is that at the Cotter?

shellyC said...

Stomper - you are spot on!! I am sure our paths must have crossed at some point when you lived here!! Cotter - Softball - I am sure other connections will surface!! This is such a small town!!!!!

tracey petersen said...

Good for you for having the fortitude to withstand the whining to allow them to have a good time.

Alice said...

Just proves that parents aren't so dumb after all.

My float said...

Ah yes, kids can drive you CRAAAAAAZY!!!

Sometimes I think they talk just to hear their own voices!!

tanya said...

That's so cool! Can I come too next time?

Flossy said...

Typical kids! lol
I'm glad they had a good time though shows them that parents know some cool stuff :)

I love all your projects in the previous post too - specially the teapot made from your library bag - clever!

Snow White said...

kids are all the same lol, so much resistance both ways lol. sounds like a great day for memories though.

Kerri said...

I absolutely love that photo of the kids! Sounds like a really fun day :)