Monday, October 01, 2007

Swiss Guests

You see when we have guests (particularly from Switzerland) - we like to show them as much of real Australia as we can!! We explain that we organise the shipment of the animals just so they are here for them!! In less than 24 hours and very close to home (bit too close for the Redback)we managed to show them all this!!!

It was lovely to meet you both, Monika and Joyce and we hope you enjoyed your stay!!

PS. Sorry about the Roast Lamb!!!


h&b said...

What a good host you are !

I have to ask though, the lamb ? ;)

Alice said...

You were so lucky to get all those animals trucked in on time. How did the redback cost? I have a horrible feeling that that particular beauty was in the sandpit? No doubt it is quite a different shape now

Glad you enjoyed your visitors. Are they staying long in Canberra?

Alice said...

How MUCH did the redback cost?

Stomper Girl said...

Gosh you did well with your wildlife. Redbacks are just scary looking things, aren't they? Downright malevolent.

In transit said...

What is that thing in the tree??
Is it any wonder Australia has a reputation for roos hopping along the main street?... No, really, that's what people over here believe!!

Miss Ifi said...

I want to go visit the real Australia!!!

Flossy said...

Is that thing in the tree a possum?
It's the strangest looking koala I've ever seen! lol

You can keep the redback - horrible things!

bec said...

Crikey, I haven't seen a redback in decades!!