Sunday, October 07, 2007

Colours of my Weekend.

NO IDEA - what happened to the photos - but here they are back again!!
Sometimes I don't realise the amount of colour that surrounds me!
This was my Sunday!Fabric I bought at a Market.

The chair Luca painted under a gum tree I planted.

Some flowers my Mum planted for me!

Tupperware has the nicest colours!!! Hefty price for the joy though.

Sandpit lunch!

Fresh Rhubarb!!!!!Rhubarb Fool!! Yummy!!
The Pink Chair I painted that used to be inside and now it is outside.

Pink - I like pink!!!
No - I really like Pink!!!


Stomper Girl said...

Beautiful colourful photos. I love rhubarb.

jellyhead said...

I've always thought you were vibrant, and now I know your surroundings are, too!

That Tupperware stack is so very cute.

Would you consider posting your rhubarb fool recipe? - if it's not a secret family recipe? (I myself am a fool for rhubarb!)

Flossy said...

I like pink too!

I like your photos too - colour is so...joyous!

Alice said...

Some of your lovely photos have taken a hike!

tracey petersen said...

on no! Some of the photos didn't open for me!

I like the ones I could see though,

My float said...

Hey, can I ask a question?
By any chance, do you like pink?

My float said...

It was just a question.

Kerri said...

Pink rules!
I'm a fool for rhubarb too. Would love the fool recipe! Yum.
What a sweet mother you have :)
Lovely, beautiful, wonderful colours!