Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My darling daughter Shay is seven years old today - happy birthday sweetheart. Seven years ago she arrived in this world and has brought so much joy to us and all who know her through her quirkyness and love and interest in the world and nature. She decided she didn't want a party this year (I tried not to breathe a very big sigh of relief) and we are going to celebrate with family things. Her wish this year is to get her ears pierced, which was actually her wish last year too! I took her to get them done and she was so excited, choosing some pretty pink and gold studs - however it was all too much and she decided at the last minute not to get them done.
happy birthday gorgeous
PS. Note to self - do not attempt to bake fancy things for class birthday celebration. Are a bunch of Year 1 & 2 kids really going to like Gluten Free Rasberry and White Chocolate Friands??? Will some kids really notice that theor friand lacks a chunk of white chocolate as it stuck to the pan?


Stomper Girl said...

Happy Birthday Shay. The only reason I didn't chicken out when I got my ears pierced -at 16!- was that my best friend went first (getting her second round of ear-piercing) and was strong enough to not even flinch as they shot her ear, thus fooling me that it didn't hurt at all. Man I was cross at her after my first ear was done. But it was Too Late then.

In transit said...

And Happy Birthday ShellyC!
And of course to Shay.
Hope you both had a good day!
Love from all of us

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I'm obviously a little slow in reading the "7 years ago" story - for the record Lucerne was lovely (I've since been back), you weren't noticed to be pushy (although that train ticket was pricey!!), and the hiding spot for the key was a gem - we got back in! But best of all, I'll always be the first (extended) family who got to meet Shay. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you both, love Rells x

Anonymous said...

It takes lots of people a few attempts before ears are finally pierced!

Happy birthday to your girl.

Kerri said...

Happy birthday to sweet Shay! Was yours yesterday Shelley? It was our son, Andrew's bday yesterday. Anyway, whenever yours was/is, I hope you had/have a happy day!

Tanya said...

Great! Do I have to return her birthday present now???

Happy birthday to you both.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you and Shay! We really miss you!
Lots of love